Ladykiller Johnny went missing

18. Mai 2014

Where is Johnny? A young man was reported as missing a few decades ago and a search party of famous singers and bands keeps tirelessly looking for him. Soul diva Claudja Barry desperately begs „Johnny, Johnny, please come home“ (1978) and thinks to know where he is: „He’s always hanging around the clubs / dancing the night away / sleeping every night with someone else / through the new everyday„. Is Johnny a serial two-timer? As it seems, more a three-, four- or five-timer.

A witness report by Robert Palmer seems to reveal that Johnny kept several girlfriends at the same time. According to Mr Palmer („Johnny & Mary“, 1980), another of his lovers by the name of Mary „made her bed / even when the chance was slim„. She said „she should be used to it“ and „never knows what to think / she says that he still acts like he is being discovered / scared that he’ll be caught„. Mary was not available for a comment, but a well informed source stated that „Johnny’s always running around“ and that he said that „he’ll live anywhere / when he earns time to„.

As the news spread, more and more singers and bands call for Johnny to come home or share their stories about the young man. Fine Young Cannibals‘ lead singer Roland Lee Gift urged the young man „Johnny, we’re sorry won’t you come on home? / use the phone, call your mom / she’s missing you badly, missing her son“ („Johnny come home“, 1985). Even a French lover sang about the naughty young man, who „is not an angel“ („Johnny, tu n’es pas un ange“, 1953): „Johnny, tu n’es pas un ange! / Johnny! Johnny! / Je t’aimerais tout autant„.

Others sympathised with the boy – Eruption’s Jane Jochen was overheard singing: „Go, Johnnie, go / go, Johnnie, go / go, Johnnie, go, go, go“ („Go Johnnie go“, 1980).

But the biggest surprise came just in time, when Johnny finally came forward („Johnny remember me“, 1961): „I hear the voice of my darling / the girl I loved and lost a year ago„. He further admitted: „Yes I’ll always remember / till the day I die / I’ll hear her cry: / ‚Johnny remember me‘„. But as it seems, Johnny didn’t learn anything: „Well some day I guess / I’ll find myself another little girl / to take the place of my true love„.

His whereabouts are still unknown.

Claudja Barry: „Johnny, Johnny, please come home“

Robert Palmer: „Johnny and Mary“

Fine Young Cannibals: „Johnny come home“

Édith Piaf: „Johnny, tu n’es pas un ange“

Eruption: „Go Johnny go“

John Leyton: „Johnny remember me“

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