Enclosure n movement

I’m thinking about what to keep from this year.

Even in advance of this pandemic, we’ve been constrained by increasing levels of enclosure: monadic people, pushed to individuate, who encounter blockages and frontiers at every turn.

One thing to keep from the past few months is the refocus on the local, as the political form of the international; in Huey Newton’s terms, the local as the condition for intercommunalism.

There’s arguably been less corporate control of offline social life, with private spaces largely closed. Winter will make outdoor gatherings hard, and require a rethink, to maintain the ability to live a life together for free.

The revolutionary value of imagination, which many have re-engaged during the pandemic, will be needed to maintain the pursuit of a collective capacity to produce, share, care and enjoy, via mutual aid, self-organization, direct action and voluntary association, all practiced amidst a system that privatizes survival. This is what Herbert Marcuse calls “images of a gratification that would destroy the society that suppresses it,” ubiquitous spectres of elicit modes of sociality that make ongoing, other, richer worlds.